Welcome to The Ice House Museum.


Enjoy a stroll back to a simpler time!


Mark your calendars for our 2019 events.
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May 28   Museum Opens

Jun 8      Volunteer Appreciation

Jun 26    Cracker Barrel Talk

July 13    Old Ford Day

Oct 5      One-Lunger Day

Come and explore Bill Kidder's special collection of automobiles and Americana. The Ice House Museum offers a memorable, hands-on experience for visitors of all ages.

Antique Ford automobiles, children’s ride-on toys, steam whistles, padlocks, washing machines, auto parts, horse-drawn carriages, a town jail, a blacksmith shop, a tinsmith shop, and the list goes on... We hope you will visit often.

We've prepared a 2-minute slideshow to give you a glimpse of what you'll discover (available in QUICKTIME or YOUTUBE formats).

Enjoy your visit.

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